As demonstrated by Joni Shibata....

Now that nearly everyone and their mothers have some type of fringe (bangs here in America) the upkeep is more frequent and it is important to keep them just so... mainly so you can see. So if you cant get yourself to your hairdresser (who will usually be nice enough to offer a freebie fringe trim in between haircuts) then you should know how to trim your own. You should know that the more frequent you trim it the easier it is, becos if you leave it until the hair has already lost the shape it is very difficult to follow the original lines.

In the following demo video the fringe shown is more on the heavier blunt side, I will continue to show you other videos of different types of fringes. Know that in order to show you all the steps we have kept it as short and sweet as possible.

1. Section the longer hair away and tuck it behind the ears
2. Keep the triangle that the fringe is forming as clean as possible
3. Section the hair into 3 parts - middle and 2 sides
4. Start with the middle section and hold in between the fingers
(note) do not hold and pull the hair tight as it will bounce too much
also it is best to do it on dry well positioned hair as wet hair it dry up too much
5. Cut up into the hair, (not straight across) into little 'V' shapes
(note) the more you hold the hair out away from face, the softer the line
The 'V' shapes will allow for slight movement in the edges
6. After cutting middle section to the desired length, join both side sections in the same way
7. the outer 2 sections can be either cut straight cross or curved down slightly (your choice)
8. Once desired length is achieved throughout, comb down and clean up the edges.
(note) at point 58 secs in the video, it looks like Jonis poking at her eyes but this is not the case
9. Check outside line to make sure it is clean
10. Good Luck!!

Fascinating what people find to do with ‘cut 'hair. Here's an article featured in ‘Ananova’ newspaper…

Hairdresser builds model out of hair

A Chinese hairdresser has created an incredibly detailed model of a Beijing landmark out of hair collected in his shop.


Huang Xin, who lives and works in Beijing, took more than five months to make the model of the Tian'anmen Gate Tower in Tian'anmen Square.

He made the model, which is 2ft 10ins (86cm) long, 1ft (32cm) wide and 2ft (60cm) high, out of 24lbs (11kg) of hair, reports the Wuzhou Daily.

Huang, who has been a hairdresser for more than 10 years, said he used only women's hair because it was softer.

After washing and dying the hair, he glued it on to paper and then rolled it into different shapes to make his model of the tower.

He has also made toys out of human hair and a model of the famous Bird's Nest Olympic stadium in Beijing.

Direct link:


Q: Having regular trims make your hair grow faster?


A: Having regular trims will have no effect on how fast or slow your hair grows out of their follicles. It will make the ends of the hair appear thicker and healthier but once the hair has grown out of the scalp, the hair is dead and therefore nothing you do to it will affect the process within the scalp.

Chinese Old Wives Tale:

If a baby has very thin hair, it is said that if you shave the hair off completely it will make the hair come in thicker, TRUE OR FALSE?

I have no idea about this one, maybe someone should let me know! (Wai Yee??)

Punky in Pink:

Stephanie has been a client of mine for over 10 years and she's one of those dream clients that is up for anything and is willing to try anything once, so over the years I have managed to have a lot of fun with all different types of haircuts.

One thing that has been consistent with Stephanie is her now signature pink hair, again varying from full head pink to slices of pink, expertly done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko.

Always one to stand out in a crowd, her only problem being trying to hide it when going into meetings or going to China!!

Here's Stephanie with her overgrown locks…

We decided this time to get rid of the length at the back, bring the layers up so that she could get a lot more height and messiness. The hair was razored throughout to give a lot of texture, we kept the hair slightly asymmetric as it already was from a previous haircut. This time we decided to give her a more definite fuller fringe. Stephanie likes to play around with her hair and do allsorts with it, so we kept the shape abit more basic but defined this time so there was more hair to play with. We used a hell of a lot of combined products to give Stephanie her messiness!!

After haircut:

To see Stephanie's fabulous creativity and other hair looks visit:

Roux – Fanci-Full:

My big surprise favorite product of the moment is the Roux -Fancifull Color Mousse.

For those of you who have been around awhile, this was the product that little old ladies used to use to give the blue, pink, purple rinses… punky grannies! It used to come in a hair setting lotion form and now comes in the form of a mousse.

DSC06370 touched up

I used it initially to tone my blonde streaky bits that turned too gold in the sun, but was so surprised to find this stuff actually gives the hair a great piecey texture and gives me quite abit of body too. Very easy to use becos you would towel dry, put some onto your hands and rub into the blonde parts and that's it. Heres a pic of my hair the day after I slept on it.

DSC06354 crop

A Big Thanks to all the models who posed for me, it cant be easy being attacked in the streets by a crazed woman with a camera. Share some more cool hair with me!


Classic!!! Couldn’t resist this……… Thanks James!

Because there are so many different kinds of looks with colors, if you have a particular look in mind, take some pictures into the salon with you, as long as you are being realistic and know that yours will never be exactly the same as the picture it will give the technician an idea of what you like or dislike. Tell the stylist what you have in mind and in return they should also tell you what is possible and what is not. Don't go in with absolutely no idea and clues (especially if its your first time) the stylist will end up spending alot of time just trying to get to know your likes and dislikes rather than spending the time talking about the more important things like color choice and method also know that if your going for a natural look, choosing a natural hair color as well as choosing a natural hair technique could result in it being TOO natural for your liking, be very precise about your choice and needs.

Ever wondered what type of coloring technique to ask for? Here I would like to try to explain the difference between two very commonly asked for highlighting techniques (with the help of Angie who has had both) :

Highlights - This is where small, even pieces of hair is woven out throughout the head and foil is used to wrap the chosen strands so that the color does not come into contact with the remaining hair. This is one of the most popular methods of color to use for people who want to add some variation and color tone to the hair. (Up to 3/4 colors can be added per time) It is one of the most natural types of coloring and is a good starting point for many who have not ever had color before. Depending on the colors chosen, the result can be so natural that the grow out is hardly visible.
Ideal for: people with fine hair, people who want a very natural look.

Slices - This technique is where slices of hair is picked up and wrapped in foil. The thickness of the slice depends upon the end result desired. This technique works great if a heavier 'colored' look is wanted, it can be used throughout the whole head or just in front areas. Because the pieces of hair colored is thicker, the grow out is harder to hide but certain positioning of the slices can help with this problem i.e. starting color beneath the parting.
Ideal for: People with thick hair, people with curly hair, and people who want a more definite colored look.

Thanks Angie, and Thanks to Lucky for doing the colors.

I would like to share some more before and after stuff from Dekko's Daily work. Here's Laura with her long hair. Shes been wearing it longer for quite some time now and wanted to have abit of a change. She works in a professional environment so we wanted to keeps things looking abit cleaner but with a fresher more modern look.

We decided to give Laura the new 'now' length, that just skims the shoulder enabling it to flip whenever it wanted. We gave her a much more definite fringe that framed the face more, rounding off at the edges, so the softness followed through to the length. We used scissors to cut the hair but chopped into the ends for more movement.

Thanks to Laura for posing for me!


Q: Can wearing ponytails break the hair?


A: Yes, if the ponytail is pulled too tight, it can cause breakage to the hair, in two main areas:
1. If you pull the ponytails too tight for too long, it puts tension on the hairline at the front and over time can cause the hair to weaken and break around the front hairlines.
2. If the band used to tie around the hair is too tight, it can cause the tension on the same area over time to weaken and break the hair, try using softer bands and scrunchies to tie hair with.

TIGI Catwalk - Curls Rock:

I found this product for Amplifying Curls to be pretty good . The consistency is soft enough that it is easy to spread throughout the head evenly, altho I would avoid putting it too close to the roots as it might cling it together too much. It definitely holds the curl well but may be too heavy on finer hair. The end result leaves the hair a little on the hard side until it is shaken loose, but the curls/waves are definitely more precise and pronounced.

Question by TwinkieChan:


i have a hair question. i have been in the habit of teasing my hair to get volume. i have defaulted to a comb that has little extra barbs or something in the teeth to catch hair (it also has long metal prongs on the bottom and i have no idea what those are for). then, at night , i use a regular comb (without the extra barbs) to comb out the hair spray and backcombing. i feel like the combing out is especially harsh, and could cause a lot of breakage. do you recommend other combs/brushes/tools, either for backcombing, or combing the hair out?


Yes, all that combing
and faffing is very harsh for the hair, even tho our hair can handle anything really but your much better off using a brush for the back combing. Bristle brushes are best for both backcombing and for brushing out afterwards as they will not tear the hair out. There is a brush you can buy which is specifically for backbrushing. I will post a pic of it and also others that I find works well too.

Here are 3 brushes that I recommend,
1. Spornette Littlewonder backbrush.

2. Y S Park small round brush, great for back brushing and
3. for longer hair.. the Y.S Park Paddle Brush.

As promised.... here are the before and after photos of the Brazilian Straightener by Lucky and Jodi from Dekko Salon.