I recently wrote a post about Sally Hansen’s stick on nail varnish and went on about how great I thought they were. Well, now I feel it only fair to give you the update on what I thought. As you know, I spent my first 10 days with the ‘fishnet’ look, and then immediately onto the ‘lace’ look for my next 10 days.

I really liked them and enjoyed my time with them on, but a week after wearing them, I noticed how dry my nails had become and they started feeling very thin and weak and were cracking around the edges. So, I hate to say this but although its good to use them on a short term basis, its not good to have them constantly on your nails. I feel as if the nails don’t get to breath hence them becoming so dehydrated!

Oh well, I’ll save it for those special occasions : (

Nikki Presta is now offering FeatherLocks Hair Extensions in Dekko Salon. So I decided to give you all a run-down of what they are, how its done and what they look like.

If your looking for a way to spruce up, vamp up, have a little change in your hair but don’t want anything permanent or damaging, then you should try FeatherLocks Extensions. These extensions are little rooster feathers ranging from 8 to 16inches in length. There is a vast amount of colors to choose from varying from solids to patterns. And as far as we know, NO roosters were hurt in the process of getting their feathers!

The great thing about these feathers is that they can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed and curled along with your own natural hair. They last between 6 – 8 weeks, and when they grow out away from the roots, they can be re-used again. Each feather costs $15 and the application time will be around 5minutes once the color of feathers and position has been decided. Of course, its best to let Nikki choose the positioning as she would know best as to what shows off the feathers more for each hairstyle. Anyway here are some pictures of Nikki putting afew pinks one into my hair:

Because I had Nikki put them into my fringe area, this meant the feathers had to be cut once they are secured into the hair. First the hair is threaded through a silicone bead and once the length is determined, the pliers will clamp down the bead so it fastens the feather in with the section of hair. Thanks to Lucky for these fab pictures. Of course, just about everyone in Dekko wanted to try it out, but here’s me, Ashley Jill, and Lucky showing ours off.

And just in case you think we look like Dog the Bounty Hunter (thnx Lucky) here’s some really cool people with the Featherlocks, as word is spreading, you can see allsorts of celebs having it done.



I found this picture online of Korean actress, singer and model Yoon Eun-Hye and I thought ‘What a cute look she had’!!

Sometimes its hard to make bleach blonde shades look good on Asian hair but Yoon managed to make both shades of blonde work very well, making her Pixie cut unique and fresh looking. Very pretty!

But hey, I guess if your ranked #44 out of Korea’s Top 100 most powerful and influential people in the Entertainment Industry, then you’d better make sure you look ‘mighty fine’ eh?

My good friend Stevie Wong (check him out) who is up on everything and knows everything there is to know about movies and music and has interviewed every star who’s worth interviewing has spoken…

Take note… Jamie Chung could well be the next big Asian star to emerge from Hollywood. Raised in our hometown of San Francisco, Jamie started her career in MTV’s Real World – based in San Diego. She went on to make movies such as ‘ I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry’, Sorority Row, DragonBall Evolution.

Her next few movies include Sucker Punch (an Action Fantasy Thriller), Hangover 2, and Premium Rush (an action movie with the cute Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Here’s Jamie showing some hair looks and remember to watch out for this cutie and I’m sure as always, Stevie will be right!!!

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Prive – Concept VERT – Volumizing Froth
Green volumiser

Part of PRIVE’S new Green Line – this contains certified organic extracts, has no Parabens, DEA, REA or artificial colors, and is never tested on animals, the packaging is also earth friendly and can be recycled.
Classed as the next generation non-aerosol mousse , it gives incredible body, volume and definition.
When I first used this mousse, I loved it, it really did give alot of body and fullness, especially on shorter hair, it wasn't until I tried it on longer hair that I realized I had to go easier on the application. If too much is applied, it is difficult to wrap the brush around it smoothly. So apply less for longer hair. On shorter hair it is fabby, the amount of body and bounce is incredible. Feels smooth, comes out like a gel and changes into froth while in the palm of your hands to ensure easy application.

Patricia came into Dekko Salon a while ago and had grown her hair long enough so that she could donate it to one of the many organizations that create wigs for people with hair loss with cancer or other diseases. Good for you Patricia.
Anyway as you can see from the pictures below she certainly had a lot of length to work with. We must've had about 12 inches that we could cut off and still have a decent shoulder length style.

We decided to give Patricia a style that was around shoulder length, we made sure she had plenty of layers and because her hair is so thick, we took a lot of weight out of it and textured it quite a lot. Because Patricia’s face shape was more on the long side than any other shape, we thought it would be good to give her a softer fringe to balance out the length. We dried it casually with no brush, and then we rolled some styling cream onto the ends just to give it abit more texture.
I must say that we were very pleased with the end result and thought Patricia looked very sexy and
fresh : )
Thanks a lot Patricia for posing and for donating!

Davines Sea Salt Primer
Sea salt Spray 2

One of the newer Davines products available, although its amazing how fast this company is churning out new great products. This one reminded me of the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, very similar in texture and type, although I did find the Davines (above) to be less ‘matte’ looking once on. I love the way the hair looks with these surfey, beachy products but what I wasnt keen on was the way it felt, very ‘chalky’ and dry. With this Sea Salt Primer, it feels just abit better than others I have used and it instantly gives clumpy chunky beachy hair : )