Wanted to do a special post on my very good friend Stevie. I was lucky enough to meet Stevie during his younger days at MTV Asia, dancing around the offices as a Production Assistant.
Nowadays Stevie is a major celebrity interviewer and is based in New York, Hong Kong, LA, in fact he’s all over the joint interviewing just about every celebrity who is anyone out there! Check him out on Star TV’s
VIP Access on You tube interviewing everyone, very coolly too, I might add!

Stevie is also a huge reviewer of music: and media: so you can check out and follow his thoughts,feelings and obsessions!!

OK, so enough Stevie promotion, I chose to have Stevie on my blog because he has the worst type of Asian hair ever!! That typical type of sticky out, swirly bog brush type of hair (sorry Stevie : () So we got him into Dekko Salon and got Scott Klasssen to do his magic makeover. Stevie's hair was just abit overgrown when he came in and Scott decided to give him a short tight cute haircut that can me either stuck up or flattened down depending on what mood Stevie was in…

I think we can all agree that Stevie looks sooooo cute, its unbearable!! Thank luv’!! And thanks to Scott for fighting all those cowlicks and swirls…

Another one by Keith Carpenter for Marie Claire, I know I have already shown you afew different looks from this article but I just had to show this last one becuase the shape is so crazy and so over the top, I love it!!! I wonder how many looks you’d get walking down the street with this one!

My Pick  by Keith Carpenter - maire claire 8d

Thanks to and Nat, I can show you some of my favorite hairstyles from
Fashion week, taken from London, Paris and New York, love all the creative artistic looks from woven hair to colored crazy hair.

Thought I would share some of my favorites from the Paris Fashion Week, there was so much inspiration all round but for me, it was the hair from NY, London, and Paris that was most interesting, anyway here are some happening stuff from Paris,well done to all the stylists for their brilliant work. For the full feature go to Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. Thanks to Nat xx
Here’s some sharp short hair for Balenciaga, and Betty Page for Christian Dior.

Paris - BalenciagaParis - Christian Dior
Woven Hair for Alexander McQueen and Knots for Gareth Pugh,

Paris-Alexander McQueenParis-Gareth Pugh
And finally we have frizzy hair at Limi Feu and diagonal parts for Haider Ackermann.

Paris-Limi Feu Paris-Haider Ackermann


Q: Is it true that you can FIX split ends?


A: Split ends cannot be fixed, you can only cut them off, once they are split, they are split, although they can be masked with treatments and other products, they are still split!

So here’s Katie who came to Dekko salon with her long overgrown hair, Katie’s hair is naturally curly at the back of the head and then the front and sides are pretty straight. She wanted to have something that could could wear curly or straight.

We kept Katie’s hair on the long side but decided to cut the layers to a medium length. With the front area, we made it much more definite so that the straighter hair could form a stronger look with or without blow-drying. I always think with this type of hair, its much better to have it straight on the front areas rather than the other way round of having it straight at the back and curly at the front, which would make it very hard to control. After the cut, we blow dried the hair straight, using a straightening balm to help smooth the ends more and to hold it in place. Here’s Katie after the cut, she definitely looks alot cuter don’t you think?

Thanks alot Katie for posing for me…

Hit or Miss 3
Hhmmmm, combination of a guy perm, mullet and asymmetric style?? (Oh, and lets not forget the ‘tash’) What do you all think?
I’m sort of sitting on the fence on this one, mainly because I see he’s tried very hard to be different and to stand out from the crowd, which I have to give him credit for, and even with all the combinations of potential disaster, he doesn't look TOO bad!!