StyleshopUSA debuts the new JUJUChan Texture Powder Styler at the Pre-Oscars Style Lounge 2011 in their VIP Gift Bags . StyleshopUSA are best known for selecting the next handful of up and coming luxury and emerging brands. They have selected JUJUChan for their Luxury Eco Chic Style Lounge teaming up with Veteran Gift Lounge & PR specialist Roger Neal at their Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite kicking off February 20th at the beautiful Beverly Hills, L'Ermitage Hotel. Stylists, Press, Media, Celebrities and VIP's will be able to enjoy four days of product sampling from Roger Neal's Style Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite and Luxury Couture Fashion for Red Carpet Nominees, and VIPs by StyleShopUSA featuring International Couture designer Addy Van Den Krommenacker. StyleshopUSA officially begins it's Style Lounge tomorrow, but gave out JuJuChan Gift bags today.

Guests were handed a cute Gift Bag containing blonde or brunette Texture Powder Styler including epic rock legend Steven Tyler, who today closed down the Beauty Style Lounge for a relaxing beauty routine. TV Presenter, Tamara Henry was very pleased with hers! She's hosting "Night of a 100 Stars" on Oscar Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Tamara is the new host for Beverly Hills Courier TV, and is seen here wearing a gown by Addy van den Krommenacker, at the StyleShopUSA Style Lounge.


Mary-Kate Olsen

SUNDANCE 2011 - 100 CELEBRITY PORTRAITS & | News Photo Gallery -- Sundance: 100 Portraits and Poses at the FENDER STYLE LODGE:

Kicking off the New Year just right, that's Jules Chan debuting her fantastic new miracle product JUJU CHAN Texture Powder Styler made for dark and light hair colors. This amazing new product is one that you are going to want to keep in your handbag at all times! Celebrities, Press & Media at the Fender Lodge, Sundance Film Festival were given these products in their VIP Gift Bags - and the verdict? amazing!! Fashion Stylist Phu Styles who ran the Lodge said "with the fast pace we are working under , we don't even have time to wash our hair, and this product has come in very useful during my stay here!" In a small 8" plastic bottle, this miracle powder is one you won't want to leave home without whether traveling, a weekend away, or a sudden appointment, or interview, or night out "its a miracle powder".

Not surprisingly, the many musicians and talent who showed up such as 50Cent, Guns and Roses, David Leitch and many more, to jam, sing, play along, or watch were truly grateful for this little wonder bottle in their Gift Bags. Celebrities such as, Rachel Leigh Cook all received a bottle of JUJUCHAN for their particular hair shade in their gift bags. Other celebrities who attended the Lodge were: Actor Don Cheadle Terrell Owens Tommy Lee Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Liv Tyler. Greys Anatomy Star, Jesse Williams + more (view photo gallery above)

This modern Powder Styler not only gives flat, clean or dirty hair lift and texture, it also acts as a ‘dry shampoo’ by absorbing all the excess oils so that your hair can last an extra day or two, looking fresh and fluffy. Texture Powder Styler comes in 2 shades (Light and Dark) to cover all hair shades from Blonde to Black.

JUJUChan®Texture Powder Styler
A Product Line Designed With Asian Hair In Mind for All Hair Types

While I strive to be as natural as possible with all the products and ingredients, it is important to me to establish a line of styling products that really work well. I have used as many natural ingredients as possible while retaining the effectiveness of each product in my line.

Jules is already getting ready for her next debut appearance at the pre-Oscars Style Lounge in Hollywood. February 20 - 22nd 2011.

After being approached by Fatima to talk about showcasing some of her work on my blog, I had a look at her creations and thought it would be really nice to show you some of her new floral hair pieces, all are perfect for parties, weddings or just everyday wear - enjoy these accessories made by a talented passionate artist from Ohio.

First a few words from Fatima:

Growing up, my father decided to pursue a family run program for the improvement of our low-income neighborhood. Alone, my family and I turned the urban slum into a paradise. It was then, 7 years ago, that I found an attraction for natural beauty and have grown to connect with our Mother Nature in all ways possible. In mid-December, my father passed, but his vision and dream of hope lives through my flowers. Be beautiful naturally, let positive energy follow, and give the world a bright and hopeful image to admire.
"Where there are flowers, there is life."

1. Precious Pink Gardenia Hair Clip -
This soft pink silk Gardenia hair clip is 3 inches long and securely glued to a 2 inch alligator clip for a comfortable and EASY fit in the hair! Perfect for all hair types.

2. Divine Queen Floral Hair Sticks -
These 9'' bamboo hair sticks are decorated with silk plum Delphinium flowers and golden Swarovski crystals.

3. Seaside Hair Clip -
This is a hot, NEW, exotic Summer trend! Crystal flowers. This oversized teal floral hair clip is perfect for a night out on the town with the shimmering accents. Ideal for beach weddings, parties, and special occasions.
The teal colored Gerbera Daisy is 5 inches long and lined with 100% blue, teal, and diamond CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

4. Metallic Grey Rose Hair Clip - (my personal fave)
This gray silk rose is approximately 5 inches in diameter and attached to a durable metal alligator clip that holds well in all hair types.

5. Cream Pearl Peony Hair Clip -
This silk creme and pink Peony flower hair clip is studded with faux pearls around its edges, for an elegant look. It measures 3 inches long, all around.

6. Honeycomb Floral Hair Sticks -
These bamboo hair sticks are approximately 9'' long and lined with silky caramel and khaki brown hydrangea petals. Each hair stick is finished with golden Swarovski crystals for a delicate feminine touch. Wear one or wear them both!

Fatima changes her styles often so keep a look out for your favourites and check out other designs on her Etsy website:
Flowers/Hair Clips and Sticks vary between $10 - $35.

Question by Kimberly:

Hi! I love your blog and I just had a question about perms. Basically, I've been wanting a perm since I was fourteen (I'm twenty now), but was always too scared to get one because other people† knew got it and it turned out horrible!! (though, I never told them). My best friend in highschool got one and her perm turned out to be little ringlets and her hair was super super dry. Two of my other friends also got perms and their hair was super dry. Although, I think a few months later, I'm sure after many deep-conditions and reconstructing treatments, their hair wasn't so dry anymore. Anyway, so I was wondering: should I do it?? I am just soooo bored of my hair! I have asian hair. Dark, very very thick, A LOT A LOT of hair and it's pretty long, past my bra strap now...But I also have pretty short layers. My shortest layers are around my ears, so I think I'd have to grow those out to make my perm look good. Or maybe not? I want like, wavy-curly hair. Wavy roots to mid-length and a slight curl at the ends. Think Victoria Secret model's hair. I also had some other questions about the perm: would i need to use my hairdryer? Right now, I ONLY air-dry my hair, using the blowdryer makes me hair look dull and flat. But not using the dry, my hair is super healthy and shiny and I love it this way but would I have to start using the hair dryer with a perm? What about styling products? Would I need those? I hate using many products in my hair. Right now, I am only using hair serums to make is glossy and tame some flyaways. But nothing else, really... So yeah. Also, last question: I'm a student and perms are expensive. So with my haircuts, I actually go on craigslist and I go to students who need hair models and I look for them at high end salons and I'm usually very happy with my haircuts considering they're free. So I also saw some perm model ads on craigslist, do you think I should risk it and go get a perm? It's like forty dollars... Anyway, I'd appreciate if you answered me back! Love yor blog!

Answer by JuJu:

OK, Wow, alot of questions to ask all at once, but I'll try to cover each of your concerns.
Yes, perms, always been abit scary cos there is so much to think about. You have to remember tho that perms have changed quite abit since the time that your friends had them in high school, the solutions are so much softer and kinder to the hair. Most of the time, perms were over processed and too small a roller used on Asian hair. Hairdressers tend to think hair is very coarse so it needs the strongest solution, the longest processing time and smaller rollers, and thats why so many people ended up with their hair fried!!
Boredom is a good reason to have one! But.... your layers sound too short, so they'll end up shrinking up too much, so they would need to grow out first, secondly, you say you have very thick hair, a perm is going to make it even thicker looking, is this something you want? The length is good as this will weigh the whole look down abit. Victoria Secrets models hair are VERY soft curls, BIG curls in fact, and most have been curled with irons to get the looser look, A perm will always end up being tighter/curlier to start with and after it settles it will then look more like the soft wave.
Perms are best either air-dried or with a diffuser. If you use a normal dryer to dry a perm it will make it frizzy, (check out my post on frizzy/curly hair) You mentioned that the dryer makes your hair dull and flat, a word of warning... perms make your hair dull looking too. (check out my post on why curly hair doesnt look shiny) this is normal. Straight hair has shine because it all lays flat and the light hits it evenly giving it a shine, not the case with curls. If you had †soft perm, you might be able to get away without using products but if you dont want your hair to frizz then its best to use some curl cream or anti frizz cream. And you MUST not play/mess around with the hair WHILE its drying, otherwise, this will also make the hair frizzy.
Your last question regarding student perms.I'm not sure whether I would risk a perm by students only because, perms are dodgy to begin with and not many salons do them anymore. Like I said in my blog, It would be better for you to find an Asian salon that does perms ALL the time, not only are they VERY experienced but they are much cheaper too. I would definately take pictures with you of the type of curls you like though, very important! You didnt mention where you actually live?? If you live in a big city then you might have more choice of cheaper perms.
So, after all this the risk is still yours to choose, but at least now you know the pros and cons. Personally, I think your only young once and if your not TOO attached to your hair, I'm a believer that you should always try things at least once when your young (esp. with your hair) BUT... if your the type that is very attached to hair then dont do it. If you have a perm you have to know things are going to change... ie. your hair texture, your shine, your routine, your looks. I have seen alot of cute perms lately and it can definitely give someone a trendier updated look, but is this what your going for? Hope this helps in your choice : )

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Products with Fibers for Extra Hold….


This Fiber Grease is one of the other products available from the Japanese Cool Grease line. The line ranges in different strengths and then there is this one which is made with fibers within the product, this allows for a stronger hold and makes the product a little bit tackier in feel compared to the other Cool Greases. This means its fantastic for styling shorter hairstyles, particularly Asian straighter hair, the hold is strong enough to be able to tweak and bend the straight course textures. But again water based, so easy to wash out if you use normal amounts on the hair.

Another product I wanted to mention which works in the same way (but unfortunately has just been discontinued) is the Sebastian ‘Threads’. This is similar to the above Fiber Grease but the consistency is much softer so therefore easier to manipulate into longer straight course hair. It allows the long hair to be made messier and more malleable. Shame they took it off the market!


Finally, we have another one for the boys, such a shame that it takes me so long to put together a group of boys with cool hair around town.
Anyway, a huge Thanks to Brian, John and Julian, and Thanks to Scott and Joni for letting me show off their haircuts.

You know, I just felt the need to share this with you, even though I dont actually have anything to share other than words!! But anyway, my first product - Juju Chan's TEXTURE Powder Styler just ended up in the goody bags at the Sundance Film Festival!!! Woo Hoo, I was sooo excited.

They were placed at The Fender Music Lodge where celebs go to hang out, drink, play guitar and pick up free goodies, not a bad life eh? So hopefully some of these celebs will take one of my products to try out and love it so much they talk about it.. wishful thinking : )

So Thank You to Jane at StyleZoneTV for making this all happen, even when I gave up, thinking I was too late, and Thanks to my friend Claudia for all her help acting as my right hand woman.
If I hear anything else I'll let you know about it.

Here's a link I just got from the first Press Release:
Sundance & JujuChan