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Came across another lady stylist worth mentioning that is at the top of her field, the field of top fashion show working backstage amongst all the top male stylists. Odile was featured in Allure magazine recently and I was impressed with her being among the top catwalk stylists.
Odile Gilbert
In France, the government awarded her with the honor of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres distinction, included with other visionaries such as Tim Burton, Phillip Glass and Rudolph Nureyev. Top fashion designers favor her to do their creations for the runway and as well as doing ads for top make up companies, she also created Kirsten Dunsts looks in the movie Marie Antoinette.

Here are two of her creations featured in Allure magazine:
Pic 1 – To create this colorful chignon, Odile pinned pieces of wool swatches and cut up hats into the hair.
Pic 2 – For this romantic style, Odile gathered the hair over one shoulder and held it in place with a tiny braid and and an oversize comb.

Odile’s work has been displayed in museums from New York to Dallas. Says Odile..
“ Whenever I work with designer, I enter their universe – and I’d never create the same look for 2 different houses, If your known for just one look, it get boring.”
Some work for some fashions houses:

work by Odile

It had to be done, it was only a matter of time before I wrote my own review on the Moroccan Oil. Every Tom Dick and Harry has tried it and talked about it, so I was one of the late comers!

To be honest with you, I have never really been into oils for the hair, I have always found them to be heavy, and slick looking! Anyway, we finally decided to carry it in Dekko Salon because everyone in Hollywood has ranted and raved about it and who are we to go against what Hollywood says eh?

11576763-moroccan-oil-treatment-light-and-original- from PRLog125ml
But first abit of Moroccan Oil’s history that I found out. The company Moroccan Oil was discovered by Carmen Tal, a hairdresser who first came across it in Israel after having a bad color job, her relative took her to a salon that used Moroccan Oil on her. She absolutely loved and it and set out to bring it across the pond to the US, wanting to share the benefits of this treatment made with Argan Oil. The woman of Morocco have been using Argan Oil for centuries for their hair, skin and nails. Anyway, after bringing Moroccan Oil to the US, Carmen and her hubbie then bought the company and has since developed it into the hugely successful company that it is today. I guess there was definitely a reason why she had to have a bad color job right? Out of every bad comes a good!

As I said earlier, I was never a believer of oils on the hair, BUT… the very first time I used this product I tried out the LIGHT formula thinking I shouldn't go with the original as it might get too greasy and heavy, well, I was soo surprised at the outcome, I have become an instant fan!

My client Mindy, has fine blonde hair that tangles so easy, the type that knots up as you are trying to dry it or as soon as you’ve put a comb through it, its tangled again. Anyway, I used 2 pumps on my hand and smoothed it into the hair avoiding the roots at first. I blow dried with the dryer but I was so shocked when I didn’t even need to use a brush on her hair! I continued using my fingers to dry it and it didn’t take long to get the hair looking so smooth and shiny. It had me hooked, I felt like it was some miracle treatment.

Anyway, since then I have continued using it on all different types of hair textures and found that…
1. On curly hair, its great to put some through the curls, leave it to dry and it gives curly hair shine (which as we know doesn't normally happen because of the way the light hits the waves)
2. On frizzier hair textures, you still need to use the brush and smooth it out with the dryer.
3. 9 times out of 10 it works well on the hair leaving it shiny and manageable but there’s still afew heads of hair that it doesn’t seem to work on.
4. Both the original and light formulas do not weigh the hair down.

But all in all, this product is great and I would recommend anyone with frizzies should at least try it, most of you will LOVE it!

I noticed recently that there seems to be another color trend going around! It looks like its stemmed from the ‘Ombre’ coloring technique but this one being more fun more wild and more punky! I love it!
Bright colors are applied onto the ends of the hair, anything from pink, purple, green multi colored etc. etc. Celebs such as Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad and of course as always with all trends, Drew Barrymore have been seen with their dip-dyed hair. For a good read and to see how its done, check out Bangstyle where I found this picture below.

Below we have Lady Gaga (photo source) and Lauren Conrad (Photo Source)with their looks..

This is best to have it done professionally I would say as it involves bleaching the hair first before applying the brighter colors. Here are some more samples of Dip-dyed hair (thanks to for the pics)
For those of us who are alittle bit intimidated by the bleach and the ruining of the hair and having to look at it for so long, Aussie Hairdresser Kevin Murphy has brought out a temporary color dye to achieve this same look. Called ‘Color.Bug’, it comes in 3 colors – Pink, Orange and Purple.
This product can be applied quickly by using a product such as hairspray beforehand, or something for the product to grip onto, then the color is applied onto the ends. Washes out completely. The only thing I don’t know is whether this products works well on dark hair or only on medium to blonde hair. But fabulous for a different look for the evening! (Thanks to Lindsay Aston for the intro)

blog-asia-chow-01 wmag
Cute and gorgeous, showing the most simple hairstyle but also showing us that simple can be very hip, if all is else matches.. Asia Chow is the daughter of restaurateur Michael Chow and his third wife Eva Chun.
Yeah, I got abit confused for sec too, I thought it was China Chow, had to look them up, China is also Michael Chows daughter, but to his second wife Tina Chow. Should've guessed there was a connection really, I mean, Asia and China?

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There’s been so many articles about the new (not so new now) crop of upcoming supermodels from China, Japan and Korea lately that I wanted to show them ALL to you.. so here is my first post, taken from Vogue (last year, sorry I’m abit behind) who has featured these girls so much, The photographer here was Steven Meisal. The shoot was styled by Grace Coddington and the hair was dressed into modern punk rock styles to contrast with the ball gowns and amazingly enough, I have looked so hard to see who did the wonderful hair dressing for this shoot and could not find anything online, so I’m very sorry to the hairstylist who should've got full credit for this.
My Picks 2 Vogue Dec 2010
My picks
The girls include: Liu Wen, Tao Okamoto, Du Juan, Bonnie Chen, Hyoni Kong, Lee Hyun Yi, Lily Zhi and So Young Kong.
I have to admit, even with my experienced Asian eyes, even though I think the spread is fabulous, the way they have been styled makes it really difficult to distinguish between one fine boned girl to another, making me think that the old sayin’ ‘All Asians look alike’ could well be true here.. Eek sorry!

Steven Meisal Vogue 2010

Love it when someone decides to just go for it.. Not such a big deal in Europe where women have short funky hair all the time but here in the US, I think long still rules with most women, so its nice to see someone ‘whacking it all off’ as we say in England!

ChristinaHan,writer@ W,cut by Garren
This is Christine Han, writer from W magazine who opted to have a change, Her Haircut was done my Garren, top New York Stylist. Looks gorgeous!

As you all know Jodi is one of my Dekko partners and when she decided recently to cut all her hair off, we got pretty excited about it! She had grown her hair out completely and we did a cute updo for her wedding, anyway, we got soo excited that we took pictures of everything but the ‘Before’ picture, Duh! I was convinced this wouldn’t be a problem cos we could sift through our old photos to find one of her… anyway no such luck, Jodi did not have one evidence that she even grew her hair that long. Anyway, I decided to take things into my own hands and show you what the before looked like. I took a Sharpie pen and drew it for you : )
Jodi 2 cut
Cute huh? Anyway here are pics of how much we cut off and just for the hell of it, here’s a pic of her wedding do from the back..

Oh I forgot to tell you that I have not done a perm for maybe about 20years, so Jodi decided that I was gonna do hers! This was gonna be real fun. Once I got my mind around the idea, the perm was actually quite fun to do, I had not forgot how to wind. Using huge rods and leaving the top and front straight we wound the rods in different directions using huge sectioning..
Anyway, 20mins development time later we have a fabulous perm, if I may I say so myself..
So then we started cutting it all off, first by giving her a bowl shape and then layering it all through until there was plenty of movement and we thinned it out and textured it thoroughly.
With the front area we made the outline stronger and heavier looking and then blended it back into the sides, as you can see the perm was just enough to create the kicks and movement on the sides so it gave the shape abit of a scruffier look, not a bad perm for an amateur eh? Could've been very bad news!
And here’s a nice fancy picture of the finished result to show you.. Thanks Jodi : )

Did you know that stress induces hair loss?

So take some time our to relax and breathe once in a while.

c870cb95544120b30c43c91e2d22a496-origWhether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that alot of skill, talent and patience went into this one. I for one appreciate the creativity involved in this total look. Really well done I say..

Quite well done and a great idea, just wish it actually showed more hair rather than the accessories, but still very enjoyable and very creative! Thanks to Mira Torres-Montalvo for showing me this.

Grace was referred to me through a very good friend who lives in Hong Kong. Her friend wanted to take her 18 year old niece Grace to have a change of image for her new life at an Artsy college just outside of New York. From central valley and being a lifelong ballerina, Grace had never tried anything but long hair.
I found this to be a very interesting fun challenge, I love a makeover : ) I asked Grace to have a look at pictures in magazines to bring in, this is more of a time saver rather than to have the exact look of someone else, it gives me a quick guide to what someone likes or dislikes, so I can work with her to achieve something similar with her own texture hair.
What I didn’t expect however was how gorgeous Grace was going to be! With great bone structure and facial features, this was gonna be soooo easy to make her look good! And the bigger surprise was that she wanted it ALL off, no in-betweeny lengths, this made it even more fun.
Anyway, Here’s Grace when she came in to me:

We decided to take Grace’s hair pretty short but still maintaining a feminine look,I noticed her hair at the back was quite curly, so I knew that I would just have to work with it once the weight is taken off to see how much the curl came out. With her softer facial features, I knew even if I had to go ultra short for the curls, she would still look good. Anyway I snipped and snipped till everything fell into place and continued taking weight out and refining the edges until I was satisfied with it. I finished off with just a touch of styling product to give the ends abit of texture.
Here’s Grace after I chopped it all off:

And of course every haircut looks better without the cutting gowns on, so here’s a couple of Graces own pictures to show you how it settled in afew days later, and also showing how much like Carey Mulligan (from An Education) she looks!!
Thanks Grace for being such a sport and being such an easy grace-full customer, wish there was more of you out there : )

Quite often clients come into the salon and while going through the consultations one important topic comes up and that is where should one wear her parting. (or Part as you say here in the US)

8 times out of 10, a persons parting is already set because the crown part of the hair will usually swirl in one way or another to determine which side your parting would best sit. When I say the crown I am referring to the round swirly shape on top of the head, some people think of this as their ‘bald spot’ which is not the case, it is just because some hair swings so much its leaves that area flat and looking ‘bald’.

You could be one of those lucky people where your hair will sit quite nicely anywhere, but for others, your parting could be either very set to either side or even worse the middle. Then there’s others who have a double crown which could cause quite abit of chaos with the front top of the hair. If you choose to wear your hair against the growth of your parting then height is created.

I will show you different ways of wearing the parting (with the help of some staff at Dekko) for people who do have the opportunity to play around more.

Side Parting – (both normal and low)

The most common parting, this is great for people who want to have more height on top as this will give the illusion of having more lift. Partings can be ultra straight (some done with a comb) or as I prefer to have it slightly messier, the messier parting will make thin hair look slightly thicker, it can also help hide any color roots that may be coming through, It can be done either in a straight line or diagonal.

Middle (Center) Partings -

With center partings I have found that a lot of people cannot get away with this as much as side partings. It can leave the hair looking quite flat, as you will have a line down the middle of the head and the hair on both sides have no where to hang but straight down. For people with irregular face shapes, having a middle parting (especially a strong straight line) can bring out the uneven features more. BUT.. having said all that, I love middle partings, as the look can be much trendier than the sophisticated feminine side part. What I do tend to do is to part the front of the hair down the middle but the crown I will keep more to the side which makes it less definite. Here’s how I wear my center part. (2nd picture)

Zigzag Parting -
With the zigzag partings, this does not mean you literally have to put in a definite zigzag in the top of your hair, but more or less a casual version of a zigzag, this will create a more interesting movement and look, by giving hair more height, hiding overgrown color and giving hairstyles a much messier trendier look.

Last but not least, we have the NO Parting -

This would be mainly for people who have deep fringes (bangs) where most of the hair comes forward therefore no parting is necessary.

Thanks to all my models: Ryan, Melina, Violet, Jill, Ashley and Liz Marting

Wonder what most of you think of this one? Cute? Pretty?

For me, this is a definite NO NO, The hairstyle is so wrong for the face shape, it closes the face in and makes it look so narrow! The potential for cuteness is all there, with the anime contacts and the cutesy look, but please, the fringe area needs to open up more for it to work ….


Oil Non Oil #1


Conditioning, Anti-frizz formula. Gives shine and texture to the hair. Distribute evenly on wet hair, increasing quantity to get a wet look.

I have used this product and I find it works quite well, altho I’m not sure why I don’t use it more often? It might be becos of the runny consistency that I find it hard to apply on the hair, not sure, now that I think of it, yes, my hand is very small and to pour a liquid into it and then onto the hair is quite hard without spilling some or it running through my arm. But of the times I have used it, I found that on frizzy thick hair it actually tames the ‘beast’ quite well during the blow dry, the hair does seem to be softer and less frizzy. It reminds me I really should pick it up and use it more often.

Finally… we have an Asian Male Supermodel… way overdue but here you go… worth the wait I would say. Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model. Born in Vancouver to a Taiwanese father and a Malaysian mother, Godfrey is now the new face of Louis Vuitton!!

Bowing to the fastest growing demographic – the Asian consumer, Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands amongst China’s super-rich, so it only makes sense to put that Asian face out there to represent the brand.

The Louis Vuitton Campaign:


Godfrey Gao Garage02

At 6ft 4”, he certainly breaks all the stereotypical attributes of the Chinese man, in fact Godfrey is too tall for catwalk sessions as most of the clothes do not fit him.

And again making him very unique to how other Asian males look is that he sports facial hair, this is one of the qualities that made him the face of Louis Vuitton.

I must say I totally agree with the whole facial hair look, Yumm, there’s nothing like abit of scruff to bring some sex-appeal to a man!!! I am ultra surprised at how gorgeous this guy is, Normally I don’t think much to Asian men at all, maybe because usually you get the geeky glasses with a suit and side parted hair thrown into out faces but at last we have one very sexy Asian dude!
Here’s afew more, my favorite one – Asian version of Robert Pattinson!!

Just had to share these sexy pictures and hairstyles with you. These were taken from Interview Magazine who did a feature on ‘China Girls’ showing sexy moody looks in the 20’s Opium Dens, I pulled 2 of my favorites to show you the mood and decadence of the theme.

Hair was done by Paul Hanlon from the Julia Watson Agency. I wonder if it was the same guy who did the Louis Vuitton fashion campaign as the hair looks very similar. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this total look to this feature, very clean, sharp, creative and mainly ‘very sexy’!

Interview-Paul Hanlon - JuliaWatsonAgency

Here’s the Louis Vuitton campaign (from Marie Claire magazine) with a similar feel in hair.
Marie ClaireLouis Vuitton

Did you know that tying your hair too tight can lead to a gradual hair loss known as Traction Alopecia, I know this to be true as I have seen people’s (men and women) front hairline recede due to wearing tight ponytails…

And we all know that excessive hair drying, curling and straightening can damage hair, this we all know to be true!

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I wanted to be abit more positive about how I felt about this vitamin before putting it out there.

Biotin is a B-Complex vitamin dietary supplement that promotes healthy skin, nails and hair.
I first heard about this when one of my clients told me she had started taking this vitamin. Her hair was getting thinner throughout the top part of the head and we had to be careful about how we cut the front area so it could frame her face and we had to position it so it would not show the thinner areas. Anyway after she had taken it for over 2 or 3 months I noticed that her hair was starting to thicken up and I was having to take more off the weight of the hair. I was amazed with it so I started to tell other clients with thinning hair about it.

Another client started taking it when I told her about it and lo and behold, her hair did the same thing, it thickened up the top area so that the scalp wasn’t so see-through! I’m not exactly sure how it works as I know that once someone is experiencing hair loss, it doesn’t usually change the root growth but this is exactly what seems to be happening as there is actually more hair coming through the scalp!

Not sure if this works well on women with hair loss only, I haven't had any men try it out yet but will report back to you once I hear more. I was told that for hair loss the higher dosage of 5000mcg is best, and one more thing… its also good for your metabolism, so say no more, I ran out and bought some when I read that part and started taking it myself!

Meanwhile I now hear Dr's prescribing it for hair loss too, so now I feel quite comfortable recommending it, after all, its like a little miracle really : )
PS, I should tell you that one client noticed more downy (fine fluffy/launugo) hair appearing on the sides of her face, but I guess that’s easy enough to wax off right? Worth it just for more hair on top I would think : )

For those of you who don’t know who Alexa is, I should introduce her first as MTV presenter, Presenter of Award Shows, Model, Fashion Icon, and now designer with Madewell for her own line. Alexa has been a clothing and hair icon of mine for quite a number of years now and for those who follow my blog, know that I have written afew articles on her.

Anyway, I found out that she was going to be in San Francisco at the launch of her own line for Madewell and figured I really should try and go to this event and see if there would be an opportunity to give her one of my Texture hair product. I ended up shuffling my schedule around at work and got my partner in crime Claudia to come along with me.


We arrived to find the longest Q to actually get into the shop! We joined that line and stood around with all the young chickies that were all dressed like mini Alexa’s! I have to admit it was quite disturbing for us to be two of the oldest fans in line!!! But hey ho, all in the name of business. Luckily we were in the store in under half an hour.

I have to say I did not even really look at the clothes due to all the people in there, but Claudia and I managed to easily spot the Jammie Dodgers (biscuits from the UK) as well as mini Crunchies (Yumm)

Some pics from the event:

Anyway, after standing around feeling awkward and stalker-like for a while, ( Oh and I have to add that Alexa was gorgeous and looked so stylish, as usual, and she wore a pair of cute boots from her collection ;) Claudia and I knew we would have to be forceful to get past all these young girls patiently waiting for their photos and autographs. It took us about 20mins to find that one second break when no one else was stepping forward and off we went.

Not only did we get our little chat with Alexa, but we got a fan-picture (well, I did anyway, Thanks to Claud for opting to be photographer instead) and I managed to gift her with my Texture Powder Styler, and to top it off was even more delighted when she was so happy to receive it : )

All in all, we felt good that our Mission was accomplished and we did what we set out to do even though it gave us palpitations to become a stalker for a night! So now I’ll have to go back sometime to do the serious shopping part!

Here’s my fan picture..


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