Here's to showing you some more daily work from Dekko Salon.

Nora comes to Dekko whenever her daughter is in town, she lives quite far away so its always a good excuse for a day out.

Nora’s hair has natural wave to it, so if the haircut is cut in a basic way, the hair becomes quite unruly and kicks out wherever it can. When we cut the hair, we try to work with the waves and movements as much as possible, so that we can tame the unruliness. Because of so much movement we also have to be careful how much tension is used when holding the sections. If too much tension is used, the hair will jump to its original position, therefore very easy to leave holes and short areas in the haircut.

Here's Nora before the haircut:

You can see all the swirls in her hair, so now the trick was to tame it and therefore making the haircut last longer as it will lay better during the grow out.

After haircut:

Thanks alot Nora…..your gorgeous with or without swirls!

I want to share my old poem I found, written while I was on the road, roaming around this world, homeless and country less, not knowing where my bags would land…..

Wanted to write a short article explaining what happens to hair during and after having a baby. (as witnessed by me over the years)

I would to make myself clear in saying that I am speaking ‘in general’ as these things do not happen to all women and sometimes nothing happens at all. You just cant explain what hormones will or will not do to a person ……

You’ve heard about how a woman ‘blossoms’ during her pregnancy, and this is partly due to her healthy hair and skin. Usually during pregnancy the hair becomes thick, fast growing and shiny.

After the baby is born, with some women this is when the hair starts to thin and hair loss happens around the front hairline… but most of the time this doesn't happen until after breast feeding is finished, during this period the hair around the hairline can fall out causing a slightly thinner looking hairline,especially around the temples. And no your hairdresser did not cut it off!! (I’ve also heard this accusation too) It does eventually grow back, but not before you have that tough period of trying to hide or slick down those short stray hairs, In extreme cases the whole front hairline can end up falling out, I have seen such cases and it is always advisable after it has grown back out abit, to cut some kind of cute fringe in, so that it looks like it ‘meant to be’!

Here is Mina, who’s baby is now 18months old, she came to me with her hair all thin and wispy, the front area had started coming back but was still in its wispy stage.

We decided to cut her hair shorter so we could make it look thicker, and to bring the sides and front area much shorter to make it look more of a definite shape. We also brought out the waves more by drying it with a diffuser using a curl activating product.

This is what I used to call them while growing up because nearly every little girl in China had it, this was the dreaded style that all Chinese mums will inflict on their child at some point or another. Why? I just don't know but it always ends up looking like someone stuck a bowl on our heads and cut around it, that's Asian hair for you!

So why do I hate bobs? I realized why very recently when I was looking back at some kiddy photos and here it is, living proof that I had it….. no wonder I hated them and am still reluctant to give them!

(me on the right with my sis)


Altho I have to say that the ‘China’ bob really can look very cute nowadays on the right person, just not me, as I did try again later on in life…. Ugh!!

Now here’s how it should look:

scan bob crop

(Apologies for the ads that have suddenly appeared, please x them out)

Finally... we have one for the boys. Here's some cool hair around town, thanks a bunch for posing for me. So,where are the rest of you guys with the cool hair hiding out??

One of my colleagues.. Joni Shibata decided recently to start collecting her hair that has naturally fallen out, yeah, weird I know… but here it is:

Packed tight (Joni's words)

006 I then thought this would be the ideal opportunity for me to talk about the subject of hair naturally falling out….

People tend to think that they are losing their hair when they see all the hair on the floor, in the sink, in the brush…. horrors! But unless you are sick, pregnant or have something going on with your health then its perfectly natural for your hair to fall out. The average amount of hair that you lose is about 60 a day, more in the spring and autumn (as in animals when they molt). Technically what happens is our hair goes through a growth cycle and each hair is growing at their own rate in the cycle. Each hair grows at an average of half and inch per month, (again varying depending upon how hot it is, hotter it is, faster it grows, due to stimulation of scalp).

Hair is actively growing for an average of 2 to 3 yrs, this is called the anagen stage, Once finished growing they reach a state called catagen which means the hair is dying and will last about 2weeks before they come away from the follicle. About 1% of a persons hair is in this stage. Then for the next 3 or 4months the follicle is in its resting stage, telogen. Then the whole cycle begins again and the anagen stage starts again.

Another note to remember is with short hair, you don't notice the fall out so much becos the hair will end up on the floor or wherever, but if you have longer hair the fallout will cling in with the rest of the hair and therefore when you brush, wash, run your fingers through your hair it seems like there is much more loss, but not so. So please don't panic so easily when you see that big clump of hair.

I brushed my hair recently (I don't brush it much I must admit) and from one brushing this is what I produced:

Not packed tight at all

DSC06426So the hairball contest is on……………

Q. Why is it, curly hair never looks quite as shiny as straight hair does?


A. Curly hair never appears to be as shiny as straight because when the light hits the waves/curls, the light is diffused from hitting all the different angles of the hair. In straight hair the light hits the hair and reflects the light evenly making the hair appear shinier.

The same can be said for hair that has been damaged or porous, when the hair is damaged, the cuticles lay open and not flat, therefore the light is again diffused with the angles of the cuticles, hair in good condition  has flat cuticles so when the light hits, it reflects the light evenly.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with hair but my only excuse is.. it was found in a hair magazine and i found it so amusing that I had to share it with you all……

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