Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream:

photo This styling cream used to be one of my favorite products ever! I used it use it on short to medium length hair, apply it to damp hair and dry it in, it created a great ‘texturey’ messy look, that enabled the hair to stick out randomly without being too heavy. It was one of the first products that I came across that actually gave a DRY messy look and not all sticky and wet looking.

Since then though, I found out that Bumble & Bumble have changed the formula to a more environmentally friendly formula, good for them, but alas… the world will be saved but unfortunately not the product, I think it now lacks the hold it once had and is alot runnier… Boo Hoo! We cant have it all can we?

Nearly ALL good salons will start your service with a consultation. If not I would either try somewhere else or if you are already there, insist on talking to your stylist first. The consultation is one of the most important part of the service especially when you are new to the salon.
This should be done while the hair is dry, which enables the stylist to see what the texture is like, how the client normally likes to wears her hair and also to check for other conditions such as swirls, cowlicks or even head lice (which we will talk about it another post)
During this 5 – 10 consultation (it should not take longer than 10mins because you want to give the stylist as much time as possible to spend on the actual haircut part) You should make the most of this time to get your point across as well as come to an agreement with your stylist on a hairstyle/color. Here are some points to remember to make the most of your time:
1. Your stylist is not a psychic, if this is your first time seeing this stylist do not hold any information back when they are asking you questions.
2. Even if you want them to give you suggestions, becos it is your first time, you must give clues to your lifestyles and desires.
3. Tell them how much time you are willing to put into your hair and whether you are high/low maintenance with it.
4. If you use words like short, funky, trendy, hip or words similar, please define them more clearly, everyone’s idea of these words vary so much. A young hipsters idea of funky may not be the same as yours!
5. If its your first time with someone, it is not a good idea to go in saying ‘Do what you like’ unless you REALLY don’t care!!
6. Do some homework before you go and have at least some idea of what you like and dislike.
7. Do take pictures with you as guide, (even though some stylists don’t like this, personally I think it saves time) this will help eliminate any differences in thoughts, but please be realistic and only use them as a guide to a specific shape and not expect your hair to be exactly the same as the picture, as all hair is different in textures and thicknesses as well as face shapes too.
8. When the stylist asks you questions, please answer truthfully, i.e. if you have had old color or any other product on your hair, please say so, as this can ultimately affect the end result if the stylist is kept in the dark about it.
9. Your stylist should be up front and honest with you as to what is possible or suitable and what is not.. be open to advice.
10. Try not to repeatedly praise your old hairstylist, (no matter how much you loved them)as this will make your new stylist feel that they cannot please you even before they have even tried.
11. Finally – remember that your stylist can only work with what is in front of them – meaning they cannot weave a silk rung from straw!!

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Ever thought about having a change with clip-on fringes? Well here’s one by Warren Tricomi that seems to be the best of both worlds, 2 different looks in one! All for $250!

Whether you fancy a short or long fringe , this piece can be worn forwards or backwards. Hmm, Could be interesting!

Faking It!

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I don’t get much opportunity to show some men’s haircuts so I’m happy to share with you not only a guys haircut but a ‘funky’ guys haircut, from my daily work from Dekko.

Trac changes his hairstyle quite regularly, and his hair was slightly overgrown from his last short haircut. We figured it was time for a change, and to go abit shorter and messier than usual.

We used the razor to give the hair a messy uneven look, and also because the razor allows us to take out alot of the bulk while keeping the length. I am always aware of how much hair I am razoring through because I didn’t want the end result to look like a Japanese over-razored pop star!! I also find it important to keep it looking less feminine when working with the razor as it gives softer edges, but with the right amount of texture and layers, we can get a soft but funky guys haircut!

Thanks to Trac for posing.

Question by Trisha:

Hi Jules!

Since coming into the salon with my greasy product built up hair I used that Davines clarifying shampoo you recommended, as well as the Love conditioner. My hair feels light and awesome, and I feel like I'm in a hair commercial with wavy, bouncy, soft hair. :o) I know, I know, it's the opposite of the hair you like... Now, the question is... What shampoo do you recommend for regular use? Also, how often should I use the clarifying shampoo? I'm anxiously awaiting your reply. :-)


Answer by Jules:

If you feel like the SOLU (Davines) did the trick and that all the old product build up is out of your hair, then there’s no need to use it again, But if you feel like its still abit sticky then use it again until you feel like the hair is normal then make the switch to your regular shampoo. If you don’t have one, then I would recommend either the LOVE shampoo or the NOUNOU, both are nice. SOLU can be used in the future once a week or once every two weeks or whenever you feel like there is a build up.

solu shampoo

My Pick 4New Model Tao Okamoto is the latest ‘It’ model and has the newest ‘It’ hairstyle - ‘the bowl’ so of course I had to have it as one of my picks!!

She is designer Phillip Lim’s muse and he was so taken by her look that for his Fall 2009 show he made all his models wear ‘bowl’ wigs.

Personally I don't there is enough of these strong short looks on women therefore I think it fantastic that this ‘bowl’ look is in and looking fab and sexy, proving women can have short hair and be sexy at the same time – Not a look for everyone tho’!

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Fantastic hair around town..........
Thanks to all 5 girls who helped me put this slide together by posing so nicely for me, couldnt do it without you all. Special thanks to Joni too.


This kid must be world famous for this hairstyle : )