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Nice to finally find a mans haircut/style that I like…. even though I don't normally like clean cut neat styles for men, this one has been done well, with a scissor over combed look through the sides leaving the top to work longer towards the front. The way it has been dressed is a good look too as it goes with the models sharp features. A wet slicked look without looking too greasy and ‘Italian Stallion-y’!!

I know alot of you are interested in products that are natural and chemical free, so with the help of Trusha, I wanted to share some product recommendations with you.

Trusha has ‘wild’ naturally curly hair, and before she came to see Joni in Dekko Salon, her hair was pretty big and ‘extreme’. Personally I loved it, but I guess when you've been trying to tame the beast for so many years, finding a stylist and products that do that is pretty exciting. You can see Trusha’s hair in these photos, that’s her on the right in the second photo!

Anyway, Trusha used to use normal styling products such as Bumble & Bumble styling cream or Aveda Be Curly but she popped into her local organic store Rainbow’s and found afew products that not only are 99% natural but combined together, works like magic in her hair to give it a soft, natural frizzless look.

The 4 products that Trusha uses throughout the week is:

Giovanni – Leave-In Conditioner – sprayed onto hair onto wet hair.

Alba Botanica – soft hold style cream – worked into the hair while the hair is flipped upside down.

Burt's Bees – Hair treatment, mixed together with ……

Jason – Texturising Cream – again worked into the whole of the hair while the hair is flipped upside down.


Trusha doesn't wash her hair on a daily basis, more like every 5days or so, but on the days she doesn't wash it she just wets it down, and add these products to refresh the style. (Although not the leave –in again as this can make it too heavy)

Here’s Trusha’s finished look using all these organic products.

One more product recommendation from Trusha, A great sea-spray for a beachy bedhead look – John Masters Organic Sea Mist.

Thank’s to Trusha and Joni for their help in this post xxxxxx

I couldnt resist posting this video from videojug, its so great, very creative. Thanks guys.
See more of their stuff: videojug

Why would I write a blog post on Headlice I hear you say… Well I figured if I was covering all aspects of hair I should also mention the more serious stuff like headlice and alopecia (in another post).
Estimated between 12 – 25million cases per year in the US alone, most of us have/will come into contact at some point with headlice, whether we’ve had them as kids or our kids have had them etc. We, as stylists hope that we don't come across them often, but part of our consultations are to look out for not only growth patterns and hair textures but also head/hair problems like headlice.
About Head Lice: (in brief)
Head Lice are human parasites that require human blood for survival and if they are away from their human host for longer than 24hours, they cannot survive. Lice is the size of a sesame seed and live up to approximately 30days and the females can lay up to 100 nits,(eggs).
They are spread mainly by direct hair to hair contact with an infested person and sometimes by sharing brushes, hats towels etc, which is why this is most common in children between 3 – 10years and mostly girls. Mothers can pick it up just from having longer hair. Head Lice do not jump or fly and actually prefer cleaner hair as it is easier for the nits to attach themselves rather than on greasy dirty hair. Nits take 7 – 10days to hatch and if the nits are off the head they will not hatch at all as they need human warmth to incubate.
Once infected treatment is necessary, lice treatment products are potentially hazardous to the health and should not be used as a ‘just in case’ a child or family member has lice. Salons are sprouting up offering non-toxic prevention and removal (one being Hair Spies, Burlingame, CA,US) but the best alternative treatment according to is still manual removal of lice and nits, using the nit comb (licemeister comb) Everything should be vacuumed and washed, whether at home or in a salon, but remember the lice does not live without a human host for more than 24hours.
Nits  and Lice

According to one lady, if you take your hair vitamins, this is how your hair can look too!!

Well if thats if true then we must all remember to take them.
Kung Hei Fat Choi to all Juju Chan readers!!!

870lgdyI quite like this photo of the skunk hair that I found online. I think the color was very well done, it cant be that easy making the lines look so perfect and to look so original too.

Thumbs Up!!

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Here's another round of Cool Mops around San Franny, Thanks to all of you great gals who took the time to pose, really appreciate it.
A big thanks to Jill and Scott too.

I seem to be talking alot about perms lately, but that's because we have been seeing an influx of them coming into our salon (Dekko)

Baya came into Dekko to see Jodi Ninomiya about a soft perm, we all know that perms can be disastrous under the wrong technician but I wanted to share this with you to show you how a good perm should look, especially on Asian hair where it can become TOO curly.

This is Baya before the perm, sorry that the photo is abit dark but you can make out that the hair is pretty flat and fairly straight apart from the curled ends:

Snapshot 2009-12-16 23-25-04The rods that Jodi decided to use were large and medium mixed. The perm solution was Definition by Goldwell, it was for Normal Hair and it was left to process for 25 minutes.

DSC00243Once complete the hair is dried using a diffuser so that the curls are not disturbed, if disturbed too much, it can cause the hair to look frizzy as I talked about in my post about curly hair.


The end result came out great, just enough movement and body without looking too fake or artificial. Well done Jodi and thanks to Baya for posing for this post.