I was flicking through some websites and magazines the other day and came across some fairly cool looking hair from Hong Kong. Movie stars and their hair in Hong Kong can be abit hit and miss, in my opinion, I feel that some go so overboard that it can look abit ‘tacky’ and ‘dodgy’, completely missing the mark of ‘naturally cool’ as shown in my post about Aaron Kwok : (
Anyway, I thought I would share them with you…

Above we have Bobo (top) Faye Wong (left) who I think always gets it right, and Du Juan (right, for Lane Crawford)
Next up is: Josie Ho, Joey Yung and Kate Tsui, all showing some nice haircuts off.
And finally we have Hu Jing (top), Leila Tong-Ling (left) and Maggie Sui (right)

I am so pleased to share another review/write up on my Texture Powder Styler with you all. I cannot thank Sonja Shin Hodgkins enough for her 2nd write up on me and giving me such a wonderful one too : )

Here’s the review for
The Examiner San Francisco, where Sonja writes for the Health and Wellness section of the publication.

And here is the version for her own Beauty Blog (
Hello Beauty) where you can check out her latest reviews/stories/info/recommendations and teach-ins for make up and beauty.

Pictures by Sonja…

It’s quite rare for me to find some cute little short haircut that I like, but I chose this one cos she looks like a pixie, the hair is short but very soft and up to date at the same time. Very cute!
My pick 13


Q: If you pluck out one grey hair, 2 or 3 will sprout in its place.


A: Although not true that afew will sprout in its place, when the grey hair grows back, it will stick up and stand out becos it will be shorter than the rest and the grey hairs are usually coarser making them stand upright.

According to the Daily Mail Online in the UK, the demand for the ‘undercut’ is soaring!
It has been noted that an increasing number of women are ditching the longer feminine flowing locks in favor of a more cutting –edge look, salons in England are inundated with a high demand for the ‘undercut’ which involves cutting away a large section of hair while leaving the rest of it long, creating a funky edgier look. The look can vary from extremely short to longer and softer, the surrounding hair is usually ‘razored’ for a softer look.
It seems quite afew celebrities are sporting the look and now lots of women are asking for the once considered punky style. Here we have model Alice Dellal, as well as Rhianna and pop star Cassie with their more extreme versions of the ‘undercut’.

View undercut

Personally I hope this catches on with the Hollywood crowd, it would be nice to see abit more ‘edge’ with the celebs over here, instead of the usual ‘glamour’ looks, which will then drift down to the women in the US, then people can look a little bit funkier.
Here’s our very own Jodi from Dekko Salon looking rather spiffing with her very own ‘undercut’ by Andria Falcon.
Cheers JoJoxxxx
To read the full article on Daily Mail….

I have been so happy with the way things have been going with my first product – the Texture Powder Styler, so you can imagine just how delighted I was when it was featured recently on the a great beauty website with more than 17million shoppers
And then to top it off, it was also repeated in 3 other Beauty blogs –, and

So I’d like to say a BIG thanks to
Stephanie Wong, Community Marketing Manager and Beauty Editor of TheFind for her great write up.Stephanie also writes for TheFindUK and was founder of an online magazine

To read my full review
JuJuChan Texture Powder Styler.

Sorry this page ended up looking like one big advert : )

I was inspired by Jeff to write this post because of his creative and artistic nature and his ability to be such a chameleon with his hair and looks. I met Jeff in Hong Kong in the early 90’s and to this day, have not come across many guys who can change and look so good with so many different looks, so I wanted to share with you - Jeff's ventures of hairstyles : )

Jeff Rustia – not just a hair chameleon, is the president of FRONT TV, which is a Broadcast Design and Branding agency, in Toronto Canada since 1999.
He is also Host of Club Fashion TV, which is an International TV show that features hottest club styles and trends around the world. and if that’s not enough -
Jeff is the Founder of Kol Hope Foundation for Children, the only charitable organization in N.America to help and support special children born with Chromosome disorders and Trisomy-related disabilities.

Impressive, I know, so here’s Jeff Rustia with his many looks… well done and Thanks to Jeff’s stylist.