I am so pleased to share another review/write up on my Texture Powder Styler with you all. I cannot thank Sonja Shin Hodgkins enough for her 2nd write up on me and giving me such a wonderful one too : )

Here’s the review for
The Examiner San Francisco, where Sonja writes for the Health and Wellness section of the publication.

And here is the version for her own Beauty Blog (
Hello Beauty) where you can check out her latest reviews/stories/info/recommendations and teach-ins for make up and beauty.

Pictures by Sonja…


Sonja said...

Love the Texture Powder Styler and can't wait to see what other great products you have up your sleeve with the JuJu Chan line!

JuJu Chan said...

Thanks, glad you like it Sonja, I've had to put a hold on the next couple of products because this one needed a 2nd order : ) Cool!!!

Sonja said...

What great news! I'm not surprised at all. I hope it continues to do well. :)

JuJu Chan said...

Thanks, me too!

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