Quite often clients come into the salon and while going through the consultations one important topic comes up and that is where should one wear her parting. (or Part as you say here in the US)

8 times out of 10, a persons parting is already set because the crown part of the hair will usually swirl in one way or another to determine which side your parting would best sit. When I say the crown I am referring to the round swirly shape on top of the head, some people think of this as their ‘bald spot’ which is not the case, it is just because some hair swings so much its leaves that area flat and looking ‘bald’.

You could be one of those lucky people where your hair will sit quite nicely anywhere, but for others, your parting could be either very set to either side or even worse the middle. Then there’s others who have a double crown which could cause quite abit of chaos with the front top of the hair. If you choose to wear your hair against the growth of your parting then height is created.

I will show you different ways of wearing the parting (with the help of some staff at Dekko) for people who do have the opportunity to play around more.

Side Parting – (both normal and low)

The most common parting, this is great for people who want to have more height on top as this will give the illusion of having more lift. Partings can be ultra straight (some done with a comb) or as I prefer to have it slightly messier, the messier parting will make thin hair look slightly thicker, it can also help hide any color roots that may be coming through, It can be done either in a straight line or diagonal.

Middle (Center) Partings -

With center partings I have found that a lot of people cannot get away with this as much as side partings. It can leave the hair looking quite flat, as you will have a line down the middle of the head and the hair on both sides have no where to hang but straight down. For people with irregular face shapes, having a middle parting (especially a strong straight line) can bring out the uneven features more. BUT.. having said all that, I love middle partings, as the look can be much trendier than the sophisticated feminine side part. What I do tend to do is to part the front of the hair down the middle but the crown I will keep more to the side which makes it less definite. Here’s how I wear my center part. (2nd picture)

Zigzag Parting -
With the zigzag partings, this does not mean you literally have to put in a definite zigzag in the top of your hair, but more or less a casual version of a zigzag, this will create a more interesting movement and look, by giving hair more height, hiding overgrown color and giving hairstyles a much messier trendier look.

Last but not least, we have the NO Parting -

This would be mainly for people who have deep fringes (bangs) where most of the hair comes forward therefore no parting is necessary.

Thanks to all my models: Ryan, Melina, Violet, Jill, Ashley and Liz Marting

Wonder what most of you think of this one? Cute? Pretty?

For me, this is a definite NO NO, The hairstyle is so wrong for the face shape, it closes the face in and makes it look so narrow! The potential for cuteness is all there, with the anime contacts and the cutesy look, but please, the fringe area needs to open up more for it to work ….


Oil Non Oil #1


Conditioning, Anti-frizz formula. Gives shine and texture to the hair. Distribute evenly on wet hair, increasing quantity to get a wet look.

I have used this product and I find it works quite well, altho I’m not sure why I don’t use it more often? It might be becos of the runny consistency that I find it hard to apply on the hair, not sure, now that I think of it, yes, my hand is very small and to pour a liquid into it and then onto the hair is quite hard without spilling some or it running through my arm. But of the times I have used it, I found that on frizzy thick hair it actually tames the ‘beast’ quite well during the blow dry, the hair does seem to be softer and less frizzy. It reminds me I really should pick it up and use it more often.

Finally… we have an Asian Male Supermodel… way overdue but here you go… worth the wait I would say. Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model. Born in Vancouver to a Taiwanese father and a Malaysian mother, Godfrey is now the new face of Louis Vuitton!!

Bowing to the fastest growing demographic – the Asian consumer, Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands amongst China’s super-rich, so it only makes sense to put that Asian face out there to represent the brand.

The Louis Vuitton Campaign:


Godfrey Gao Garage02

At 6ft 4”, he certainly breaks all the stereotypical attributes of the Chinese man, in fact Godfrey is too tall for catwalk sessions as most of the clothes do not fit him.

And again making him very unique to how other Asian males look is that he sports facial hair, this is one of the qualities that made him the face of Louis Vuitton.

I must say I totally agree with the whole facial hair look, Yumm, there’s nothing like abit of scruff to bring some sex-appeal to a man!!! I am ultra surprised at how gorgeous this guy is, Normally I don’t think much to Asian men at all, maybe because usually you get the geeky glasses with a suit and side parted hair thrown into out faces but at last we have one very sexy Asian dude!
Here’s afew more, my favorite one – Asian version of Robert Pattinson!!

Just had to share these sexy pictures and hairstyles with you. These were taken from Interview Magazine who did a feature on ‘China Girls’ showing sexy moody looks in the 20’s Opium Dens, I pulled 2 of my favorites to show you the mood and decadence of the theme.

Hair was done by Paul Hanlon from the Julia Watson Agency. I wonder if it was the same guy who did the Louis Vuitton fashion campaign as the hair looks very similar. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this total look to this feature, very clean, sharp, creative and mainly ‘very sexy’!

Interview-Paul Hanlon - JuliaWatsonAgency

Here’s the Louis Vuitton campaign (from Marie Claire magazine) with a similar feel in hair.
Marie ClaireLouis Vuitton

Did you know that tying your hair too tight can lead to a gradual hair loss known as Traction Alopecia, I know this to be true as I have seen people’s (men and women) front hairline recede due to wearing tight ponytails…

And we all know that excessive hair drying, curling and straightening can damage hair, this we all know to be true!