Hi, sorry its been so long since I posted but I'm in the middle of moving my blog to Wordpress right now and its abit more complicated than I imagined so hopefully by the next time we'll see you on the new site, meanwhile back to business....

I picked this hairstyle from an ad for nails, mainly because of it being a very classic one length basic bob. This picture shows that no matter how simple the haircut/style is, the total look can still be of one that is hip, classic and non-mumsy as long as the rest of your look/outfit looks cool!
So all you women out there who are afraid to end up looking mumsy with a basic bob, you should have a think about your total look and not just the hair : )

My Pick 11

Thermal Protection Detangling Spray (#30)


Enriched in Bamboo and kelp. Herbal blend #30 deeply penetrates the cuticle to deliver excellent conditioning and detangling, while protecting against hot tool damage. This lightweight spray departs exceptional sheen to the hair, which brightens hair color and makes it easier to style.

Apply to towel-dried hair and style as usual.

I have used and tried this product and I must say it really does help with comb out of long tangly hair, not that I have noticed the hair color brightening but it does style easier!

I first met Josh Wood back in the 80’s where we worked together in Vidal Sassoon’s in London. Josh was a newbie but even then I knew he was destined for greatness. He always seemed to know the right people, get the best opportunities and of course do the best work, all with that cocky, pompous attitude of his, and I mean that in a good way and with the fondest memories Josh. At that young age getting to hang out with David Bowie and his wife Iman, it meant that Josh was ‘in’!!

It comes as no surprise to me to hear now in 2011 he’s had the most impressive career. After 14 years in Sassoon's, Josh worked as Wella Professional's Global Creative Director since Jan 2008 and from his stint there I want to show you some of his work with them. Taken from Marie Claire (May 2011) Josh and Eugene Souleiman (celeb stylist) was inspired by vintage photos and Hitchcock heroines but added a punk twist to them.

Silver Lining-
This is inspired by Daphne Guinness , asymmetrical and represents opulent, youthful glamour, says Souleiman, who bought the headband for a couple of dollars from Chinatown in Paris. The difference between this and grey is that the highlights are metallic says Wood.

New Bouffant-
The shade of the ‘wine colored’ highlights is called ‘rosewood’. It’s a take on the purple streaks grunge girls used to do. With a softness that’s purposeful not weak.. says Wood.

And for your information Josh has just opened his Atelier (studio for artists and designers) in London's Holland Park area, where all his socialite and celebrity clients can congregate and get fabulous color from Josh Wood.