After reading my post on fringes, Shelley decided she wanted to go ahead and give a fringe a try. Normally Shelley keeps her front area long for a few reasons;

1. She has slightly wavy hair,

2.She felt like her face was too round to have a fringe.

So as shown below, because we kept the length slightly longer, the waves are kept under control and because we gave her a fringe that still allows her forehead to show through, it does not cut the face off and does not make her face look rounder. This shows that fringes can work on most people if you take things under consideration.

Nice change Shelley and good fun.

(before and afters)

Would you let your boyfriend go out like this?


Davines Matt Pliable Stucco for Wizards, #5


This finishing cream is great if you want to get a messy chunky look into the ends of your hair, it has a matt finish to it and is strong enough a hold to keep the ends chunked together. Great on thick course hair!!

Article written on me and Davines

After living in Asia for several years, one of the things I noticed was how unattractive guys with longer hair looked. Now, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against guys with longer hair, in fact I love it normally, so why is it I found these guys to be so unappealing?

After careful studies of haircutting and techniques and style in Asia I came to a conclusion that satisfies my query.

The method to hair cutting that is predominantly used in Asia is done with a razor, as we all know the razor is a great tool to use on thick coarse hair but the problem arises when the hair is OVERly razored…. resulting in a Japanese or Canto popstar look!!!! (Canto stands for Cantonese)

No offense to these popstars but in my opinion, one should aspire to look more like a ‘rocker’ rather than a ‘Japanese/Canto Popstar’. Overly thinned hair not only looks dated but also too ‘girly’ and ‘feminine’, the exact opposite of what is desired. In other words - Passion Killers!! See below for examples of what I mean……

Now in order to achieve more of a rocker look, the hair should still be razored but in a more controlled way. Hair should look piecey and not too wispy, unkempt yet not gelled looking, done yet not look done! There is such a fine line between the 2 that to some peoples eyes, I could be just talking a load of rubbish, but for those in the know, those subtle and slight differences in hair techniques make or break a look.

And for me,(and I’m sure alot of other women) they make the difference between: Rocker V Japanese Popstar, Cool V Cheesy, Funky V Feminine, Good V Bad and Sexy V Ewww!!!! As seen below……

So for all you guys out there, make sure you ask your stylist to give you a style that give you all of the positive traits and not wonder why women/men are not looking your way !! You have been warned!


So I chose this hairstyle for a few of reasons:

1. The color combination is really cool, by combining black with brown, the differences are subtle yet enough to give it a more dramatic effect. The color really brings out the hairstyle which is what good color is all about.

2. The haircut is so well done, again with the combination of soft and hard edges, razored and blunt ends, showing up dramatically on strong straight Asian hair.

3. Hairstyle is soft yet edgy, wearable in real life, and complimentary to the bone structure of the model. Excellent! Well done!

Sarah is one of those lucky people who has naturally curly hair, although we have often joked about it, as hers is quite soft that sometimes, especially when her hair was shorter, if she hadn't styled it right, it can look abit like a shampoo and set!!

Luckily with her hair now worn longer, the curls look better with the right cut, and right amount of layers, but as you can see from the before pictures, if the layers are too long including the fringe area, the hair lays much flatter on top and gives too sensible a look.

So after using scissors rather than a razor (as we did not want the ends to look too wispy and dry), we took the layers much shorter on top, took alot of weight out by chopping into the hair throughout but mainly on top and then we sliced the fringe off quite short to frame the face more. We then re-wet the hair after the cut and used Leave-In conditioner throughout the hair and twisted medium size sections and dried it with a diffuser. The overall effect is lighter in weight and a younger funner look! Thanks Sarah!

Alexa Chung - latest 'it' girl from England, known for her great fashion sense and now host of MTV USA. I admire this girls syle and wanted to show you some varied looks that make this girl stand out with her simple yet original style, both in hair and dress. She has the perfect hair for the 'unkempt' look which makes out like she doesn't have to try very hard at all! With her English mum and Eurasian dad, it looks like she got the best of both worlds working for her hair. Go girl!

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