I’ve been putting off writing this post because I wanted to be abit more positive about how I felt about this vitamin before putting it out there.

Biotin is a B-Complex vitamin dietary supplement that promotes healthy skin, nails and hair.
I first heard about this when one of my clients told me she had started taking this vitamin. Her hair was getting thinner throughout the top part of the head and we had to be careful about how we cut the front area so it could frame her face and we had to position it so it would not show the thinner areas. Anyway after she had taken it for over 2 or 3 months I noticed that her hair was starting to thicken up and I was having to take more off the weight of the hair. I was amazed with it so I started to tell other clients with thinning hair about it.

Another client started taking it when I told her about it and lo and behold, her hair did the same thing, it thickened up the top area so that the scalp wasn’t so see-through! I’m not exactly sure how it works as I know that once someone is experiencing hair loss, it doesn’t usually change the root growth but this is exactly what seems to be happening as there is actually more hair coming through the scalp!

Not sure if this works well on women with hair loss only, I haven't had any men try it out yet but will report back to you once I hear more. I was told that for hair loss the higher dosage of 5000mcg is best, and one more thing… its also good for your metabolism, so say no more, I ran out and bought some when I read that part and started taking it myself!

Meanwhile I now hear Dr's prescribing it for hair loss too, so now I feel quite comfortable recommending it, after all, its like a little miracle really : )
PS, I should tell you that one client noticed more downy (fine fluffy/launugo) hair appearing on the sides of her face, but I guess that’s easy enough to wax off right? Worth it just for more hair on top I would think : )

For those of you who don’t know who Alexa is, I should introduce her first as MTV presenter, Presenter of Award Shows, Model, Fashion Icon, and now designer with Madewell for her own line. Alexa has been a clothing and hair icon of mine for quite a number of years now and for those who follow my blog, know that I have written afew articles on her.

Anyway, I found out that she was going to be in San Francisco at the launch of her own line for Madewell and figured I really should try and go to this event and see if there would be an opportunity to give her one of my Texture hair product. I ended up shuffling my schedule around at work and got my partner in crime Claudia to come along with me.


We arrived to find the longest Q to actually get into the shop! We joined that line and stood around with all the young chickies that were all dressed like mini Alexa’s! I have to admit it was quite disturbing for us to be two of the oldest fans in line!!! But hey ho, all in the name of business. Luckily we were in the store in under half an hour.

I have to say I did not even really look at the clothes due to all the people in there, but Claudia and I managed to easily spot the Jammie Dodgers (biscuits from the UK) as well as mini Crunchies (Yumm)

Some pics from the event:

Anyway, after standing around feeling awkward and stalker-like for a while, ( Oh and I have to add that Alexa was gorgeous and looked so stylish, as usual, and she wore a pair of cute boots from her collection ;) Claudia and I knew we would have to be forceful to get past all these young girls patiently waiting for their photos and autographs. It took us about 20mins to find that one second break when no one else was stepping forward and off we went.

Not only did we get our little chat with Alexa, but we got a fan-picture (well, I did anyway, Thanks to Claud for opting to be photographer instead) and I managed to gift her with my Texture Powder Styler, and to top it off was even more delighted when she was so happy to receive it : )

All in all, we felt good that our Mission was accomplished and we did what we set out to do even though it gave us palpitations to become a stalker for a night! So now I’ll have to go back sometime to do the serious shopping part!

Here’s my fan picture..


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Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner


Everyone who’s had a Brazilian Blowout treatment in the past should know about this shampoo and conditioner combo, usually recommended for use after one because of its properties that make the treatment last longer and gives the hair softness. I’m usually one of these people who use any type of shampoo/conditioner so don’t normally think much to using the ‘so called right’ ones, but I had a client who was using normal shampoo and conditioner after her Brazilian Blowout and found it was dry, and difficult to manage, she then used this combo above and said it was 100% better on her hair, so there you have it!

In their own words:

Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo – Sulfate free formula that thoroughly cleanses the hair while maintaining vital moisture for increased strength and radiant shine. An exclusive Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex infuses the hair with a rich source of amino acids to help strengthen while locking in moisture and locking out humidity! The end result is smooth frizz free radiant hair.

Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner - is a deep moisturizing conditioner that infuses the hair in the vital moisture and nutrients needed to maintain the optimal strength and health of the hair. An exclusive Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex fortifies and repairs the hair while locking in moisture and locking out humidity. The end result is healthy frizz free radiant hair.

Only sold at professional Beauty Salons, and not tested on animals.

Created by Studio Marisol, these elaborate hairpieces make a statement of their own! Personally I love them, they are well made, well designed and executed and would make fabulous pieces for stage, fashion runways or any other event that requires drama!

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OK so its been a while since I've been out on the streets looking for some Cool Hair to show, but I have to get myself back into action. So here's some fabby stuff to show you, Thanks to Scott for letting me show Sophy's hair and Joni for Lillian's. Thanks to all the girls for letting me show off your looks, <3 <3

For reals?? Just came across this article....

Japanese firm orders 2,700 staff to get the same 'every saving' haircut... so they dont have to spend as long blow drying!
Men to have short back and sides and women to wear a 'cute' bob.

A Japanese company has ordered all 2,700 of its employees to get identical hairstyles - to help save energy.

Tokyo-based Maeda Corporation announced the move as part of a national campaign to reduce energy consumption in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March.

Men are expected to sport a short back-and-sides, slightly longer on the top, while women have been asked to wear a 'cute' bob with a fringe that can be swept to one side.

Chizuru Inoue, a spokesman for Maeda Corp, told the Daily Telegraph: 'Our company is very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions,
'We are not sure of the data yet, but we believe if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water.
'If all our staff do this, then it may save a lot of power.'

Article by Damien Gayle... to read more, follow the link..

Root Amplifier – #36


This recently repackaged Root Amplifier is now in an easier to spray bottle than the can it was previously in. I have to admit I don’t really use it too much as I LOVE Prive’s Amplifier so much I tend to stick to that one, but other stylists who do use if more often love it and think it works really well to give the roots lift and body. It gives instant volume by spraying sections of the roots at a time.

Prives description:
Enriched with quillaja and rosemary, this adds extreme precise voluminous shine and soft control. Infuses weightless volume and fullness to fine thin hair.

(I looked up Quillaja out of curiosity and it is a soapbark tree, the inner bark can be reduced to powder and employed as a substitute for soap, I would've thought this key ingredient would be better used with shampoos becos of its lathering properties, although the scents from the tree are often used in perfumes and cosmetics so maybe in this case its used for the smells)

Hold 6” away from towel dried hair and apply to the entire root area near the scalp. Style as usual.