Shaping Pomade
This is one of my all time favorites, especially for shorter hairstyles, I first got hooked on Cool Greases about 10years ago, since then we have continued to carry this range no matter what salon we are in, even if it means getting afew direct from Japan.
The reason why I like Cool Grease is because it looks like a gel but instead of drying hard like most gels do, it it thick enough to give a slightly wet look but the hair stays pliable with the hold but without looking set and hard. Even better is that these products are water based so don't be fooled by the word Grease, it washes out easily!

Another dose of ‘before and after’ styles from Dekko Salon. Our clients are so great for letting me take photos to show different looks for my blog – Thanks again for all your help.
I’ve been cutting Kim’s hair for over 10years now and she has always been very creative with her haircuts over the years, just recently we have been keeping Kim’s hair on the longer side. So this is Kim after not having a haircut for over 5 or 6 months. That’s because she’s abit of a gypsy and has lived all over the States, right now she comes all the way from Chicago : )

We decided to keep the hair on the longer side but ‘chop’ all the rest of it up with shorter layers and a shorter front area, so that if she decides to tie her hair up, it still looks like a cute short haircut on top. We razored the hair throughout as Kim’s hair is very thick and coarse. We then styled it using a styling cream for hold and dried it while twisting the hair into big sections, creating a messy textured look. Thanks Kim!

Hair Accessories and Ornaments are so popular and there is so much choice nowadays so I decided to write about them and show you as much variation as I could…
In Ancient times, hair accessories have always been very important, they are works of art but not only are they decorative and lavish, they also reflect personality and characteristics of the traditional culture, as well as using them as good luck pieces. The more lavish the piece,the higher the status of the wearer.

In this day and age, we don't have to even worry or think about status and messages sent when we decide to wear a hair ornament, Thank goodness! We can just wear them, have fun and look great. Now lets start with the most simple of accessories:

Clips – these are easy to use, simple or very ornate and can be pinned wherever it may make the hair look more attractive….

Headbands – Again very easy to put on, can be cutesy looking but great for keeping hair back off the face. Careful you don't end up looking too preppy tho, if that's not the look you want! I love this giant poppy on the right : )
Flowers – Great for weddings especially but can also look very charming for other occasions too. Can be varied so much not only in size but from real flowers to silk or other fabric types, and also flowers can work well or shorter hair too:

Funky Alternatives – Definitely for those who want to make more of a statement and stand out more as fun and funky, seen below is designs by Chloe Lau (1) and Twinkie Chan (2) Thanks girls for letting me showcase:

Feathers – I think this one is one of my faves, I LOVE feathers in every way, so these accessories are right up my alley, not only are they funky and make a statement like those above but I would say these are a little more extravagant in the looks.Thanks to Laura Kranitz who designed (pics 1 & 3 ), and also to Vintage Joy Designs (Pic 2, Photography by Vivian Chen )

So its time to go out and get yourself some accessories to have some fun!

Well, I have to take advantage of this and blow my own trumpet by sharing with you a couple of articles that were written about me and Dekko Salon recently. The articles were written by Sonja Shin Hodgkins who not only writes her own beauty blog which includes making beauty ‘how to’ videos, but she also writes for the Examiner Beauty and Wellness section.

So here’s a link to both of them:
From The Examiner
Sonja's Beauty Blog - Hello Beauty

Enjoy them! Thank You so much to Sonja for writing such a fabulous article, I couldnt have asked for more!!

I would like to say Thanks to Twinkie Chan for her awesome write up on my new product, what a great idea she came up with and what fantastic and loyal support xx

Check out what she has to say:

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OK, so here’s my pick of the day…
My Pick 8bI love this although we all know its a catwalk/stage look, I mean if I went on Bart or Muni with my hair like this I’m sure I’d be getting quite a few stares as well as a few larfs, but nevertheless, I still love it for its shape and volume, and of course, you know me with my love of big curly (yes, even frizzy hair).
The hair was done by Keith Carpenter for an issue of the Marie Claire Magazine. Thanks Keith for your creativity.
This look can be achieved either by combing/picking out naturally curly hair to achieve the height and width, or the hair can be set first either on very small rollers or pipe cleaners, and then picked out or combed out for the required look.

PhytoVolume Actif:

This product used to be one of my all time favourites for fine limp hair! It even wond the Allure’s editors choice award. I’m not even sure whether its still sold in California anymore as I remember some new FDA law coming in and Phytologie had to re-formulate it for California. Unfortunatley once re-formulated, of course it just didnt work as well : (
So for you people who are outside of CA who can still get hold of the original formula, I highly recommend it if your hair is fine, flyaway and flat. This stuff has great hold but not so much that it becomes sticky and tacky during your drying process, which is one of the main problems when drying fine hair with product on it.

(Apologies for the sudden bombardment of Superpoke ads, frustrating I know, just x them out)

HAPPY 4TH of July !!
Enjoy another round of Cool Mops around town. Thanks to all the girls who posed for me - Kerina, Helen, Joanna and Michelle. You all look great.
If you see any cool mops around, please feel free to send me some pictures and we can post them to showcase the styles!!