Sometimes for me, I fall in love with just the ‘look’ of a hairstyle, it doesn't necessarily have to be a precise haircut or anything too defined. One of my favorite things, especially on myself is ‘messy’ unstructured undo's. I know this picture is abit hazy but I hope it will show you an idea of what I mean…

My Pick 10
See how the texture is so messy, like she's been out blowing in the wind all day, and then one side is just dragged up to create a different shape! Great Look!
If your lucky enough to have texture in your hair then this look will happen naturally and easily but if not, time is spent just to get this very natural undone hairdo!
I will continue to hunt down more messy up do's to show you.

QUESTION - by Helen:

How on earth can I get some lift in my roots without having to dry it upside down? I have tried doing that and it just foes abit too wild and messy. Help?

ANSWER - by JuJu

Yes, drying your hair upside down will definitely cause the hair to become messy and also tangled, and if this isn't the look your going for, the best way to get root lift is by lifting sections of your hair and using the hair dryer to blow underneath each section, drag and dry the roots going the opposite way to the way it normally lays, then do the same with the other side as well as with the back, where you would drag the hair up and forward. If you continue to do this method of lifting until the hair is almost dry, you wont need to use the brush to get root lift either, which can be abit messy too as the hair can tangle easy at the roots. Hope this helps.

The other day we did a photo shoot for my new JuJu Chan Hair Product. I wanted the girls to reflect a certain style that I had in mind to represent my product line and of course, for their hair to represent my very first styling product – ‘TEXTURE’ Powder Styler.

We were very lucky to have our Photographer Claudia Ward, Make Up artist Brande, our young helper Gabe and of course our 2 fabulous models Livia and Kerina who all did FANTASTIC work!

And I must also thank Joni for doing the haircut on Livia for me and also Jodi for her lovely wardrobe.

I hope you enjoy these background photos from the fun day we had, it was shot on location at Dekko Salon, and I’ll soon post the actual finished photos that I will be using to present this product.

I was very happy with the result, both girls were styled with my Texture Powder Styler to get their looks. I knew I didn't want the pictures to look like hair advertisements so I made sure they looked more like fashion shots rather than being ‘in your face’ hair shots, the end result was very sophisticated and hip, yet not too trendy : )

Stay posted for the final results of the shoot. Thanks to everyone for their creative help and vision.

Every now and again we at Dekko are lucky enough to get some outside teachers sent our way to give us inspiration and show us some new techniques.
Jin Bang, Artistic Educator from Prive Salon (LA & NY) came over to give us a demo on 2 models. The stylists had requested he show us a long layered haircut (always useful on our clients) on one model and the other model, a creative look.

Here’s Jin working on Kayleigh with his creative techniques. He showed a variation of how to remove bulk from the hair and adding lots of texture to it.
Before and after pictures of Sharon, His long layered haircut (the Kim K. as Jin would call it)(as in Kim Kardashian)! Starting with the base line to get the desired length, then he went to the front area and carved out a ‘C’ curve into the side areas. Lastly, the layers were picked straight up from the head and angled from short to long then blowdried using a round brush to create the body.
And here is before and after pictures of Kayleigh again, Jin’s creative haircut as seen in the above pictures. Jin started working from the inside out, starting with the internal layers and taking lots of bulk out with his new techniques before cutting the length off (using a back-cutting technique). He then went into the front area and sliced the front off, then returning to the sides, he connected the back length to the sides, keeping the sides longer. he continued to remove bulk throughout the layers through the top area too. Once the blow dry was completed, Jin returned into the whole haircut and refined any unwanted long areas of hair.

Both models looked great and we were very inspired by Jin, Thank You so much for ‘popping’ over and showing us a thing or two!

I wanted to talk a little about Dry Shampoos, not only because there is an influx of new products out there in the stores but also because I am about to launch my very own! Yippee, I’ve been working on it for over a year!!

Anyway, Dry Shampoos used to be known as the stuff your mum would buy to make her hairstyle last abit longer, with very white powdery sprays that not only is left on the head for all to see but the smell of it used to practically gas you out when sprayed!!

But now, they have been re-vamped and have a brand new reputation as one of the ‘must haves’ in hair products. The new products not only absorb oils but also give the hair alot more body and thickness. Ideal for use on fine thin greasy hair. It leaves the hair with a rougher feel so the hair is more malleable.
They come in powder or spray form. The sprays are easier to use on full heads of hair whereas the powder ones are used to concentrate on particular areas. Both should do the same thing, although personally I find the sprays a little bit more sticky in feel.

Reasons for use:

Greasy flat fringes – the powder will absorb the excess oils in the fringe and parting area to give it an edgier rougher look instead of the shiny flat look. Best to apply the powder onto your fingers or lightly sprinkle onto the roots and rub it into the the hair, don't forget the very front where it falls onto your skin. (This is usually the worst part)

Updos – The Dry Shampoo is fantastic for use on ‘updos’ When the hair is too clean and shiny the hair doesn't hold very well so with the more powdery texture that the dry shampoo gives, the style will hold better and look more matte and less lacquered looking.

To add more body and oomph – sprinkle/spray dry shampoo all over the roots to give yourself fuller bigger hair. Brush or fluff it out after 5mins when the oils have absorbed.

Try not to overdo the application as the result can be too white or too chalky but if you do happen to overdo it, spritz it with a light misting of water to get rid of the white look.

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my own dry shampoo, JuJu Chan’s ‘Texture’ in both light and dark shades to cover every hair type and color. I love it and use it every day and hopefully you will too! Keep an eye on this blog and find it on my SHOP page very soon!

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Throughout my career I have come across many cases of Alopecia (bald patches) in varying degrees of severity. My job is to work around the hair and give a haircut that can cover the areas as best as I can (if the cases are not TOO severe) Because this condition can affect both sexes (although most common in late teenage years, early childhood, young adulthood) it can happen with people of all ages so I wanted to write about the basics of Alopecia so people can understand and be made aware of it. We as hairstylists mostly come across Numbers 2 and 3 types (see below).

What is it?
It is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually the scalp. It can cause anywhere from one or two bald patches (which is most common) to can spread to the entire scalp and epidermis. Alopecia is NOT contagious. What types are there?
1. Diffuse Alopecia Areata - Hair lost more diffusely over the whole scalp
2. Alopecia Areata Monolocuris - One spot of baldness
3. Alopecia Areata Multilocularis - mutiple areas of hair loss
4. Alopecia Areata Totalis - Loss of all hair on the scalp
5. Alopecia Areata Universalis - Loss of all body hair
6. Alopecia Areata Barbae - limited only to the beard

What does it look like?
Here are show some different stages of Alopecia as mentioned above:

What causes it?
Some of the strong suggestions lead us to believe that the factors that cause it are:
Hereditary – Families with 1 or 2 affected family members or members with Autoimmune Disorder (in which the body attacks is own hair follicles) Emotional Stress, or an infectious agent/germ can trigger off the condition.

What can be done about it?
With cases where there are small patches involved, Steroid Injections are used in the sites. Other medications (ointments and topical cream) can also be used in different combinations. In 90% of cases, the hair will ultimately grow back. In more severe cases of hair loss, there has been limited success treating Alopecia, and in the case of Alopecia Totalis, adapting to the disease rather than trying to treat and cure it, is probably the best way to go. For example, wearing your baldhead as is, or wearing wigs. Remember that Bald is Beautiful as shown below:


I would like to thank Randy Sid for checking my facts and making sure I'm on the right road on this.

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I wanted to feature some work from one of our other stylists from Dekko Salon. Joni Shibata Philips has been with the company since it started and here she is with Cathy, about to do quite a drastic change.

Cathy came in with long thick hair and wanted to donate her hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths, I wrote an earlier post on Donating Hair and if you want to re-cap follow this link:

Most companies are quite strict and need at least 10 inches before they will accept the hair, but at least this one does accept colored hair, whereas some of the other companies needs the hair to be in its ‘virgin’ state. Cathy being the ideal candidate anyway, came in to see Joni and I couldn't resist documenting the change for you.

Here’s Cathy during the ponytail cutting section:

Joni cut the hair just below the shoulder and because the hair is so heavy and thick, she proceeded to layer it through and took LOTS of weight out of it to ensure that the hair is able to move and that it will be easy to keep. The hair was then blow-dried and a pomade was rubbed into the ends to give it a chunkier finish to the layers. Here’s Cathy looking very fresh with her newly shorn locks.
Thanks Cathy for posing for the photos : )


Well… to be honest with you, I’m not sure whether this woman is showing off a very creative updo, or whether she’s carrying her wool/yarn around on top of her head? Whatever it may be, its a very creative look and I’m sure it might have inspired this shoot below from America’s Next Top Model Photo Shoots!! (Shot at the Great Wall of China).

America's Next Top Model