OK so its been a while since I've been out on the streets looking for some Cool Hair to show, but I have to get myself back into action. So here's some fabby stuff to show you, Thanks to Scott for letting me show Sophy's hair and Joni for Lillian's. Thanks to all the girls for letting me show off your looks, <3 <3


Sume said...

I really like Ruth's take on the bob hairstyle and I'm diggin Lillian's bold use of color - gorgeous. Wish I were that courageous. :-) I picked up some great ideas for bobs from Tyra Banks' new website. Check it out:

JuJu Chan said...

Thanks Sume, glad you liked some of the girls styles : ) Thanks for showing me the Tyra website, shame they didnt have any pictures to go with the descriptions eh? I too have an article on bobs and different types, check it out sometime..

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