MOP – Defining Cream

Modern Organic Products


Another of my all time favorite styling creams. When I stopped using the Bumble & Bumble I found another styling cream that seemed to work just as well. The MOP defining cream gives hold and texture, fantastic on shorter hair, I found this one to be abit heavier than the Bumble cream so on medium length hair, it seemed to be a little heavier. The only thing that bugged me with this one is trying to squeeze the cream out, best store it upside down for ease.


Andrew said...

The mop cream I get from amazon comes in a bottle with a flat top, which makes it even easier to stand upside-down. (Hard to see in your pic, but I think it shows the older nozzle-style bottle that won't stand upside down.) Anyway, I love this stuff! Great for shaping and keeping my hair relatively frizz free. I buy six bottles at a time, and then take months to use them up.

JuJu Chan said...

Thanks Andrew for giving us the update on the new bottle shape, I'm glad they changed it, as it makes perfect sense for it to sit upside down, I used to hate having to whip it down to the nozzle.
Happy New Year.

chloe_ma98 said...

Maybe i should try this. Is it okay for someone under 16 ??

JuJu Chan said...

Yes it is, but doesnt work so well on long hair, abit too sticky.

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